Welcome to Best Buy Tires!

Best Buy Tires, LLC gives you the best deals!

  • For Tire sizes from 14 to 17’s the price is $32.00
  • For Tire sizes from 18 to 19’s the price is $42.00
  • For Tire sizes from 20 to 22’s the price is $52.00
  • We change tires fast, professionally and safely – $10 per tire.  Customers are back on the road in 15 minutes.
  • Roadside assistance to save you the cost of towing!    If you have a flat at home or on the road, we can come and change the flat. [You could send us a picture of the tire number.]  Or we pick up the flat and match it with one in our warehouse and bring back a good tire of the same size.  This could save you $60 to $100 in towing expenses.
  • Same Day New Tires – Call us at (215) 747-1518 to order new tires in the morning from 9am to 12am and we can get them in and change them the same day (between 3pm and 6 pm)
  • We can set up a Tire Disposal Contract to pick up all your old unwanted tires –  on a regular basis if you want.
  • We can order any of the major tire brands.